I know there are Tootsie Rolls in here somewhere!

That is totally my generic-yet-familiar name, and this is my logo. I go by some form of this name EVERYWHERE (seriously--try it! If you can't find me, drop the underscore).

I do and make stuff, and sometimes it's even interesting! Nah, seriously--I'm a cosplayer, a crafter of whatever strikes my fancy, and a Homestuck/Sollux/Psiioniic fan (amongst many other things). I also love hugs, bacon, and cats.

I'm really friendly, so don't be afraid to ask me stuff about things--I don't bite! In fact, I'm more likely to dive under a table than attack.

I have two cats slowly chipping away at my sanity with their cuteness, and a loving husband who is less sane than I am (we're all crazy here).

(Awesome art by Osi @ digitallyimpaired.tumblr.com!)

Maybe I'll find something to actually dedicate this blog to, but for now, I'm just gonna hang around and figure out how tumblr works...

Grubs & Dolls FAQ

(Not many photos here, but I have a photoshoot planned for this cosplay later…)

I’m pretty new to Kagerou (electricmanga.com), but I really love Cho!  Her character is awesome, and her outfits are really cool!  I also seem to have an affinity for beastgirl cosplays that I can’t say I fully understand…

As soon as I hit this page I pretty much stopped everything I was doing and started working on this as a cosplay. Never finished the tail though—the fur didn’t arrive in time, and I couldn’t use the same stuff as the ears—definitely not the right quality.  I’ll have it in time for ACen, though, and I’m definitely going to fine-tune some things.  Gonna use more bronzer, too—those tanning sessions just were not enough—I still look pale.

I was recognized WAY more than I thought I would be—I even met someone who says she actually knows Luka! :o  It made my day so hard I couldn’t stop freaking out—she thought I was being super shy, but I was actually being quite the huge idiot, aye… I just could not make words at that moment.

Here are the other photos:

::flops over::  I really hate that it was too flippin’ cold to do an outdoors shoot (amongst other things), but I’ll cover that issue at ACen.  (I know too many people who are good with cameras to have such few and crappy pics!)

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